Manual for Veterinary Nurses

In 2012, Limerick Feral Cats (LFC), TNR experts extraordinaire, compiled an excellent manual on Feral Cat Care and TNR for veterinary nurses. LFC ensured the technical veterinary information is 100% accurate, and reflects best practice, through consultation with a local vet nurse and her vet, both experienced in TNR and Irish veterinary protocols, and both LFC volunteers.

Their manual is available for download here (1.4Mb).

And, with their permission, we’ve reproduced the entire manual here for the delectation of veterinary nurses everywhere.

Please credit Limerick Feral Cats if you use any part of this manual.

Feral Cat Care – A Manual For Veterinary Nurses

by Limerick Feral Cats



What is a feral cat?

Feral kittens

Common misconceptions about feral cats

How can I tell if a cat is feral?

Trapping tips for clients

Handling and restraint

Admitting feral cats for surgery

Veterinary protocols for feral cats

Returning feral cats

How you can help

Further resources