Important Lessons

  • Don’t believe the 90% mortality stat. It’s worth fighting for the life of FIE kittens – they have a much better chance than most sites suggest – 25%-75% is far more likely. And we had one severely affected family where all five kittens recovered fully.
  • Aegle ScalesIf you end up caring for kittens (hopefully you’ll have neutered your own companion animals, so this will only happen if you’ve rescued kittens) weigh them twice daily to catch any weight loss, or lack of weight gain, as soon as possible. Not necessarily linked to FIE, weight loss is an indication of illness or problems and any kitten not gaining weight should be taken to a vet immediately.
  • If you end up caring for kittens diagnosed with FIE visit your vet with them regularly and set up a palliative care treatment regime as indicated in Our Experience. It could save their lives!
  • If you and your house have been infected with FIE don’t bring any unvaccinated cats or kittens into your house and don’t handle any unvaccinated cats or kittens for at least a year, if not two. Seriously.
  • Vaccinate your felines as soon as possible. If they’re kittens, wait till they are eight to ten weeks old (your vet will advise you). If they’re over that age, do it now, before it’s too late.

If your animal companion is showing any signs of illness take them to a vet – don’t rely on the internet for information. Your vet will examine the animal and give you the best advice you could get. And if you’re not convinced by your vet’s diagnosis visit another vet and get a second opinion. Your friend’s life is in your hands.