How You Can Help

by Limerick Feral Cats

The feral cat situation is driven by the failure of cat owners to neuter their pets. Gently impress upon your clients the need for spay/neuter.

Help get feral cats in danger onto farms and tamed feral kittens into homes by putting posters from your local TNR group on to the notice boards at reception.

Ask your wholesalers if they will donate any bags of broken or out of date cat food to your local feral cat group. The food could be dropped off to the clinic along with regular deliveries to be collected by one of the TNR volunteers.

Publicise the fact that your practice has experience with feral cats and is willing to spay/neuter ferals. Let clients know if your practice offers a reduced rate.  Limerick Feral Cats can provide you with a static-cling window sticker for reception.

Consider asking the vets in practice if recently out of date wormers and flea/tick products could be donated to the TNR group free of charge for application at time of surgery.

Feral Cats Ireland have produced fantastic leaflets on TNR and care of feral cats in the community. Display these at reception for clients to take away. Limerick Feral Cats and other TNR groups have supplies of these leaflets for distribution. You can also download the leaflet here.