About Us

We are CATalyst - a catalyst for Best Practice Community Action Trapping, and everything TNR-related, in Ireland.

Ending feline homelessness and overpopulation

TNR Manual Cover

The CATalyst Project aims to raise awareness of community cats in Ireland and to promote best practice and training in Trap Neuter Return (TNR) programmes. The Project is maintained by Drogheda Animal Rescue (DAR) and is based on the idea of citizens within a community implementing humane management programmes for community cats. 

We recognise that success is based on community partnerships. Combined, these partnerships are integral to ending feline homelessness and overpopulation. Individuals can’t solve the problem, but when several partners work side-by-side we can make a huge impact in saving and improving the lives of these beautiful animals.

If you are involved in Trap Neuter Return - trapper, caregiver, veterinary staff, activist, writer - YOU are US.

How to Help Feral Cats - A step-by-step guide to Trap Neuter Return

We have developed the TNR Manual, and these supporting webpages, to provide a blueprint for creating a programme to help community cats and to motivate people in the community to support the project.

How to Help Community Cats is a Best Practice handbook, designed to be brief and portable, with the bulk of the supporting information easily accessible on these pages.

Best Practice

Originally produced as part of the collaborative CATalyst project, our TNR Manual for Ireland has been developed to present Best Practice guidelines for veteran and newbie trappers alike. Look out for our Best Practice boxes (like this one).

For the CATalyst Project, Best Practice involves fostering partnerships with local rescue & grass roots rescuers and trappers and local animal welfare groups. We recognise that success is based on community partnerships. If you have anything to add to - or disagree with - any of our information don't hesitate to get in touch - together we'll strive to make TNR in Ireland the best it can be for the animals - human and feline alike!

Here you'll find all the information and resources you need to create a successful Trap Neuter Return programme in your community.

We hope you enjoy!


Our History

Towards the end of 2012, Maureen O'Malley (Feral Cats Ireland) got in touch with me, Muriel Lumb (Animal Advocacy) to talk about an exciting new TNR project being set up. She wanted to inspire TNR projects throughout Ireland by raising awareness through advertising, information provision and workshops, and by providing equipment to groups that wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it. She invited me to host workshops around the country. And I accepted with delight!

As part of my input I sat down to produce a variety of documentation and information leaflets for the project including CATalyst's Vet Pack and TNR Manual for Ireland. We started the design of the Manual in the winter of 2012, and these webpages were born as a result - providing a location for the documentation as it progressed and allowing input, corrections and updates from other TNR organisations. 

We relied heavily on our gurus, Alley Cat Allies, who've developed world-recognised best practices for the humane care of outdoor cats. Our heartfelt thanks go out to them for their permission to use their text - and tweak it to reflect the Irish situation!

TNR groups and individuals nationwide were invited to review the Manual prior to publication and it was launched in 2014.

In 2020, Animal Advocacy (the original site of the manual) ceased their voluntary work and Drogheda Animal Rescue (DAR) stepped up to the plate. This inspiring collaboration led to the redesign and (much-needed) update of the Manual webpages. The new site, this site, launched in May 2021.

With the new collaboration and site came new and inspiring plans and ideas for ways forward. We hope you are inspired too!

by Muriel Lumb, Animal Advocacy