The Ugly Side of Animal Welfare and the Rewards

WARNING! This gallery contains disturbing images of seriously ill animals. But it also shows some very rewarding recoveries.

Michele recently commented how beautimous our Irish kittens are. And so they are. But it made me think (and very painful it was too!). The animals we take in aren’t always so pretty when they arrive. I’ve been fostering since 2002 and have always been part of no-kill organisations – we don’t kill any living creature unless they’re on their last legs and it’s kinder to – if they’ve a chance at life, we give it to them. More recently I’m not part of any organisation and I want to TNR rather than rescue (there will be a longer term benefit to all felines that way). So I help people rehome their rescues (and their unwanted companions) rather than take them in. But sometimes I can’t say no.

So, the long and the short of it is that we’ve had lots of casualties through our doors. Some have happy endings. Some do not. In nearly every case there was no need for the animal to suffer so much. Every illness you see here could have been prevented altogether (through vaccination) or could have been easily treated before it got so bad.

I guess my message is … if you see a sick animal – take it to the vet – it’s highly likely no-one else will. Oh! And … it’s so obvious I nearly forgot to say … NEUTER YOUR COMPANIONS!!!!