Feral Cat Shelters

DIY Feral Cat Shelters

In the cold weather that’s coming, we want to be sure our community cats are as safe, dry and warm as they can be. When cats don’t want human company, we can’t take them indoors, so we have to provide shelters.

Here’s an easy DIY shelter made from styrofoam boxes, packing & duct tape and a bin liner, designed by Community Cats Network (and available to buy from them here if you’re not a DIYer. We made some of these at CCN’s workshop a good few years ago and haven’t made them since. The process came back easy peasy. And I called Em at CCN to check we were doing it right.

Follow the album to see how to make these easy and cheap shelters.

You can fill the resulting shelters with straw (NOT hay) or shredded paper for insulation. CCN especially recommend paper to avoid parasites.

NOTE – do be careful to place the finished shelters discretely and out of public sight – you don’t want human predators causing problems for your community cats!

Click through to find all you need to know about providing shelter for your community cats – and links to other designs for shelters.

Big thanks to CCN for their design, to Organico Bantry for their free boxes, and to Kathryn, Angel and Miracle for their hard work.

More Shelters

Check out this fabulous feral cat shelter, made by a fabulous guy in Hull, UK for his local cat rescue. Apparently Hull was the city of culture in 2017 so he made a kitty of culture cat house to raise money for the rescue =^.^=

LOVE this! WANT this!

Do we have any fabulous guys or gals in the Bantry area who’d be up for a bit of creative cat carpentry for the local ferals?

Thx to Kristy Shaw for headsupping me.

And …

More community cat shelter options from Alley Cat Allies here. The first part is prebuilt, then diy from there. Note: In this weather, if any of your community cats are friendly bring them INDOORS; make some kind of warm, dry, safe shelter for the unfriendly ones. Please.

More community cat shelters from The Pussy Cat Army … check the comments


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