Animal Welfare in Ireland

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Lost & Found

Whether you have lost or found a dog, cat, rabbit, rodent, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird or other pet, exotic or otherwise, this site's mission remains simple. They aim to make reuniting lost pets with their owners in Ireland as quick and easy as possible.

Dogs lost, found and reunited in Ireland

Munster lost and found pets. Report lost and found dogs cats and other pets. Also reserve pets whose owners have not being found - information and advice. There is no fee for this service.

Neutering & TNR

Drogheda Animal Rescue (DAR) is a voluntary, non-profit organisation committed to the welfare of animals. They provide care and rehoming for stray, abandoned, abused, neglected and surrendered dogs and cats in the Louth, Meath, and North Dublin areas.

DAR host these pages, the TNR Manual and relevant information for Ireland.

The Dogs Trust is an international charity with a Subsidised Neutering Scheme across Ireland. The scheme entitles people who are presently receiving social welfare payments or pensions to have their dog neutered for a maximum cost of 20 euro by any participating vet. Check with your vet for more details.


Feral Cats Ireland is not a group, shelter or rescue. It is a Facebook page dedicated to highlighting the plight of feral cats in Ireland and promoting trap/neuter/return (TNR) as a humane effective solution. Every cat is precious.

Also check out their Facebook page for regular information. It can be an absolutely excellent networking site for anyone involved in TNR or feral cat work generally - but it's activity varies from year to year.


The Irish Blue Cross runs a successful all year round low cost neutering scheme (Dublin only) in co-operation with private veterinary practices for pets of needy owners. Hundreds of pets go through our scheme annually at just one-third of the normal cost. The popular welfare scheme greatly reduces the level of unwanted litters of kittens and puppies.

You'll find the list of participating Dublin vets at the bottom of the page of the link below.

From their volunteer work with a few rescues around the country Rescue Animals Ireland have seen the hard work that goes into helping the animals abandoned daily in Ireland. They decided to create this website to make it easier for people to find out information about animal rescues and pounds in their areas. Hopefully it will make it easier for people to adopt from them.

They have a TNR listing which, unfortunately, is not comprehensive:

Every year since it was launched in 2002 as part of a grass roots effort by animal welfare groups and individuals across Ireland, SpayAware has been highlighting the importance of spaying and neutering to address the pet overpopulation crisis.

SpayAware appeals for action to end the plight of the our unwanted animals by promoting the key message that it is time to kill the problems, not the pets.

There are news articles on there since 2018, but the information available is still current and worth a browse.

Legislation sets out to raise the standard of enforcement of animal welfare law in Ireland by providing a free, non-profit public service to improve awareness of the legislation that currently protects animals. Better enforcement of existing animal law will deter those who abuse or neglect animals and over time will bring about changes in attitudes, behaviours and improve the way animals are treated in Ireland. seeks to remove perceived complexity, increase knowledge of our Gardaí, our elected representatives and the general public and empower each of us to effect change.

They also have links to current animal welfare legislation, and analysis of it, on their Legislation pages.

The ISB site contains all current Irish Legislation. You can search for particular Acts, or Animal legislation generally.

Responsible Ownership in Ireland

Dogs Trust Dog School’s experienced trainers aim to provide high quality, welfare friendly advice on dog training and behaviour during our fun, educational classes. We want to help dog owners to form a life-long bond with their dogs, have a good understanding of the behaviour of their dog and avoid the common pitfalls that can lead to problem behaviours.

Providing online training during COVID-19.

Providing buckets of useful information to help dog owners rectify their errors and improve the lives of dogs through grooming.


Irish Pet Crematoria offer a valuable service to pet owners who have just experienced the death of their pet. We partner with Veterinary Practices all around Ireland, so you can be certain our services are available near where you live. Dedicated to treating companion animals with dignity & respect.

A downloadable pdf with lots of information for responsible guardians of companion animals & equines. 

National Organisations

Excellent group campaigning for legislation to ban blood sports in Ireland. Lots of information on their site including a listing of TD names by constituency along with their email addresses.

The Irish Horse Welfare Trust was established in 1999 and gained charitable status in 2002. IHWT is involved in the following work:

  • Rescue, Rehabilitation & Re-homing of horses and ponies.
  • Racehorse Re-training for Re-homing Programme.
  • Campaigning on issues affecting Equines.
  • Promoting Equine Welfare Awareness and Education

IHWT operates from it’s a 68 acre farm in Woodenbridge, Co Wicklow.

Created to address the lack of easily accessible information on Irish wildlife rescue and first aid, IWM is intended as a reference tool, not a comprehensive guide, to wildlife rehabilitation. Anyone undertaking wildlife rehabilitation must seek professional guidance as soon as possible.

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) is Ireland’s largest national animal welfare charity, and represents 17 affiliated member societies. Together the ISPCA and our members help, rescue, treat and responsibly rehome tens of thousands of animals of all different species.

ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline: 1890 515 515.

In a tranquil, woodland nature reserve created by Willie Heffernan you could be forgiven for wondering what continent you are on - especially when catching a glimpse of the more exotic residents – seventeen Capuchin monkeys who are natives of the South American rainforest and a Sooty Mangabey, a native of equatorial West Africa.

These monkeys owe their lives to what is Ireland's first and only sanctuary for unwanted primates. The best part about this unique project is how the lives of these monkeys have been totally transformed: monkeys that had spent their entire lives in cages are now are free to live on idyllic islands in a spring-fed lake at the Sanctuary, where they spend their days climbing and swinging on trees.

Formed on 1st July 2007, the National Animal Rights Association is a voluntary, vegan, consistently anti-oppression, non-hierarchical animal rights group.

Providing care for unwanted and neglected exotic animals and emergency rescue facilities for all animals and wildlife.

From their volunteer work with a few rescues around the country Rescue Animals Ireland have seen the hard work that goes into helping the animals abandoned daily in Ireland. They decided to create this website to make it easier for people to find out information about animal rescues, TNR groups, vet services and pounds in their areas. Hopefully it will make it easier for people to adopt from rescues.

TAGS, formerly, is a website made up of animals and pets from multiple rescues who need homes. They help over 1000 animal shelters, pet rescues, SPCAs, dog pounds and vets all over Europe advertise their homeless animals for free in one central online location. They have Irish directories of rescues, pounds and vets.

Breed Specific Orgs


Erin Hounds is based in the North of England and aims to help a few of the many abandoned and neglected sighthounds that fall on hard times in Ireland.

An association of animal rescue and rehoming organisations in Ireland. All member organisations are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused and abandoned greyhounds. We take in greyhounds from dog pounds, members of the public, veterinary surgeries and the police. We also help responsible trainers and owners re-home their greyhounds when they are no longer used for racing or breeding.



HUG is a registered charity based in Ireland which aims to find loving homes for retired Irish racing greyhounds and promote a positive image of the breed as pets throughout Ireland.


Kerry Greyhound Connection exists to take in, rehabilitate and find homes for unwanted Irish racing greyhounds.


The title says it all – Staffordshire Bull Terriers for adoption in ireland.

This page is both for proud staffie owners and those eager to help rescue those in need of a loving home. Please browse through our post down to see all staffies waiting for a new loving family.

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