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TNR Manual All-New Site Development

We’re delighted to announce the development of our new-look website, managed by Drogheda Animal Rescue (DAR) and the CATalyst Project to host Ireland’s TNR Manual.

DAR stepped up to the post when Animal Advocacy, the original hosts of the site, closed. Knowing the popularity and worth of the TNR Manual and it’s extended online information, we were all keen to keep the site live. To this end, we’re still working on the development to avoid any downtime.

When the site is completed, we’ll officially launch – watch this space!

Home Page

Temp CATalyst Home PageOur landing page introduces you to the variety of information and services we provide in, we hope, a clear and readable format. 

We start you off with a slideshow of our main activities – advocating long-term solutions to the feline overpopulation in Ireland, primarily Neutering and Trap Neuter Return (TNR); and maintaining and publicising Ireland’s TNR Manual – How to Help Community Cats.

Next comes a Features section, offering the reader the opportunity to find out more about the situation for animals in Ireland (not good), and the two main long-term solutions again – TNR and Neutering (just in case you missed them the first time).

Then we’ve a wee bit of text introducing DAR and linking to their own webpages, followed by the main links to information around the site.

Next there’s a slider of our most informative posts – we’ll be adding to the list in years to come, of course. And we end with a grid listing of our latest articles, so you can easily find out what we’ve been up to.

But, of course, you can see all that just by looking at it!

TNR Manual

And that’s not all! We’ve designed the TNR Manual pages to be readable and easy to navigate. Each page is introduced with that fab Feature style, so that the chapters in each section are clearly laid out. This means the reader can jump to whatever section is of most interest to them. Here’s the example from the front page:

Features Front Page

Also, as our site holds a lot of information over several sections, we’ve highlighted Manual specific pages with an image at the top, so you know where you are:

TNR Manual Header - blue

Other Features

Of course, throughout our site we’ve included menus and links to make site navigation clear and easy. We’ve links to DAR’s social media sites at the top and bottom of each page. Each page also has floating social media icons to enable sharing any page on the site (because sharing is caring!). And we’ve maintained useful features from our previous site design, including: image galleries, useful links, FAQs, a Glossary … and much more besides.

The site is also responsive – which means it should be readable on all devices, from mobiles to large screen. Though the amount of information presented is more suited to larger screen devices and mobiles may not provide ideal viewing.

However …

I have to give you fair warning that the transition is not going entirely smoothly. There are several glitches and bumps in the road that might take some time to smooth out. Our images are a bit wonky in places; some fonts and colouring needs adjusted; some links might be broken; and I’ve a fair few Manual page to update.

Over the next wee while, the layout will be changing for the manual pages on an ongoing basis and we might also tweak general layout from time to time to make our design as friendly as possible, so you may experience bumps and blips as you navigate through our pages.

We can only apologise – and hope you think it’s worth it!

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