Health & Wellness

These pages are not intended as a holistic review of animal health, but more a summary of what we’ve learned about the particular diseases we’ve come across. And a few interesting links.

And we’ve come across some ghastly diseases since we first started fostering. We always read up on anything affecting our animals and in the process we’ve often found conflicting information (and some of it downright wrong). So we wanted to make some clarifications here, and to share our knowledge and experience.

Remember, if your animal companion is showing any signs of illness take them to a vet – don’t rely on the internet for diagnosis. Your vet will examine the animal and give you the best advice you could get. And if you’re not convinced by your vet’s diagnosis visit another vet and get a second opinion. Your friend’s life is in your hands.

No one knows your companion better than you, if you think something is wrong, keep pushing. Many people feel that the vet must be right. Everyone, even vets, makes mistakes and if you feel something is not as it should be then say so.