Feral Friendly Vets

There are several feral friendly vets around Ireland – and the number is growing. Keep in mind that there are vets who aren’t on this list – some don’t want the publicity (they’ve plenty to be getting on with without it!), some I’ve just not tracked down yet. To find feral friendly vets near you it’s worth checking around – just phone all your local vets and ask them. If they don’t have much experience but are interested in finding out more, let them know about CATalyst’s Vet Pack – available here online.

Listing these companies here does not in any way imply an endorsement by CATalyst, nor is CATalyst responsible for the content of the websites or the utility of the services.

Feral Friendly Vets Around Ireland

If you know of anyone that could be added to this list – or would like to be added yourself! – do let us know!

Click on the county name below to view feral friendly vets in the area.

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