Irish Animals

Over 300,000 kittens are
born in Ireland every year.
Of those 180,000 kittens die
before they are 4 months old.

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Trap Neuter Return

Trap Neuter Return is becoming recognised as an efficient and cost-effective tool for controlling and reducing feral cat populations.

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Neutering your cats and dogs
is one of the most important
things you can do for your
companion animals.

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Drogheda Animal Rescue (DAR) hosts Ireland's TNR Manual on these webpages.

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The Cat’s Prayer

Author Unknown Although I am too proud to beg and may appear to be a very independent creature, I ask for your loving care and attention. I rely on you for my well being much more than you may realize.

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Cat Rescue

by Anne Burridge We ask for help and know they will be there. I call them angels – maybe you’ll agree, Each day comes with a heavy cross to bear – The work they do, the suffering they see: The pet discarded on the motorway To fall, alas, beneath a moving wheel. Her shattered limbs […]

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The Kingston Concentration Camp Victims

Otherwise known as The Giants this crowd were rescued from Kinston's Concentration Camp near Bantry, Co Cork. Our first TNR. The farmer didn’t look after the domestic animals at all. I was horrified at the state of the kittens. Only Goliath (see Before & After pic above), Judo, Timmy and Cleo survived.The Giants' StoryPlease click the titles […]

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